Walk on walls and Color commands

20 06 2010

Hello guys today im gonna show you guys how to walk on walls on ICP (The Commands)

Here are the commands:

!MP _y 120
!MP _X 50

!MP _y 520
Click at the chat bar to get off the ice berg. OR ISLAND
!MP _X 50

Color Codes:
!MP blendMode difference
!MP blendMode add




4 responses

20 06 2010

hey i was wondering how do i be come a mod??

12 09 2010

You can’t become a mod,they aren’t looking.

20 06 2010
Dark Tiger3

Hey Im Dark Tiger3 i follow this page almost since it got created,and i think this is very helpfull!So i was asking if u need a partner,like another author,i would be very happy if u accept.Plz answear.

17 07 2010

i will think about it we r making new posts cuz icpv3 came out

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