Hello Penguins! Penguin Safari has been shut down by disney :'(. BUT! There is a new iCP of course! The link is http://icpps.com and thats a new working iCP! Here is the note by Penguin Safari:

Goodbye. <—- NOT MY NOTE!!!!!! IM NOT QUITTING!

Dear users of Penguin Safari, In short, Penguin Safari is over. We have always said that if Disney requested it, we would shut down Penguin Safari, and anything affiliated with it. A few hours ago we recieved confirmation that this Cease&Desist was real, aside from the fake ones. (People used fake mailers to send them, we verified this email as coming from the lawyer firm’s webservers.) We are removing all files to do with Penguin Safari, and we will not continue to run Penguin Safari.

The site is now fully terminated, as is the game. Goodbye users!


Of course I am not quitting because like I said back then when we opened I would be around for ALONG TIME! So every time there is a new iCP I will be sure to post the link :D.

TO download the new iCpps go to http://icpps.com then at the top it will have the Download tab and click it and click Mac or Windows which ever one you have. Once you download it go to Register and register your penguin! If this iCpps ever shuts down download http://icpv6.info/ and register  :P. For now waddle on!

16 Responses to “iCP NEWS: iCPPS”

  1. kitten62729 Says:

    umm……….. dude theres a website called icpps don’t tell anyone cuz i have an account this is top secrect ok?

  2. mrcg41321 Says:

    @kitten62729 well 100 people know about it so yeah

  3. Arikichan Says:

    grrrrr. i want to play so bad its just pop this up:

    ERROR! This is a 404 error page

    Nothing found! Please use the SEARCH on the sidebar, or visit our ARCHIVES page.
    >:( please make a real download link

  4. spongey Says:

    is this great

  5. joe Says:

    download link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. joe Says:

    download link————-> http://www.icv32011.com download

  7. joe Says:

    as the shame dinsey keeps shutting them down try this http://www.2011icpv3newdownload.com

  8. joe Says:

    if not work i am stuffed i need help with this i need download link quick befor disney patches up

  9. TREV Says:

    whenever i log in it says penguin not found and im not banned

  10. luana 30981 Says:

    quiero ser socia

  11. marcos Says:

    ser socio

  12. anonimo Says:

    chicos es que nuestros padres le ponen proteccion proteccion y por eso no podemos descargar por eso

  13. ICPPS is over :( Says:


  14. Isabella Says:

    pra quem esta triste q o icpps terminou, acessem: icpps.com/play

  15. peach30120 Says:

    i hate icpps.com is done forever!!!:(

  16. eduardo Says:


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