Hot Pink Puffle???


Hello… today when I was about to login Clubpenguin, I saw a new login screen. It was about the puffle party. But on twitter alot of people where talking about a Hot Pink Puffle? So I was looking around on google and found a couple of posts about the Hot Pink Puffle. On ClubpenguinCP they said it has the order in which the puffles were made. If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a picture,

As you see the order is Red, Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, White, Orange Brown, and then Hot Pink. So could that mean a new puffle (Hot Pink) is coming at the Puffle Party or next year or this year? Comment below on what you think. If you don’t know what a Hot Pink puffle looks like here is a picture also:

What do you think about the puffle that might come? Do you think it’s cool and when do you think it will come? Comment below!

17 Responses to “Hot Pink Puffle???”

  1. Agentdj Chop Says:

    i think it will be coming out

  2. kira2867 Says:

    I think it will come this year because the puffle party sign shows hot pink next.It has to be this year the hot pink puffle comes

  3. kira2867 Says:

    I think it will come this year because the puffle party sign shows hot pink next.

  4. cool dude! Says:

    what are it likes?? u know like what does it play with….u know tat stuff

  5. cool dude! Says:


  6. cool dude! Says:

    but what about the next puffle?? like, the hot pink got the y in party so how are u going 2 know da next colour???

    • susan Says:

      The said there probably wont be another puffle party, but the club penguin penguins love the parties so they might keep it.

  7. Cathalll Says:

    mmm…. I don’t think so.
    You see, the red puffle didn’t come out first, it was the blue, green, pink and black puffle that came out first.

    P.S: remember the disco in the pet shop at the puffle party? well, there was a grey-coloured puffle turning around in the disco lights! Maybe there’ll be a grey puffle instead?

  8. Hagan Menard Says:

    cool like it but how r they making a new puffle if they make one they can not

  9. penguin reporter Says:

    Its going to come out after the fashion show on club penguin starting now. Then theres going to be a party with a boat.It said on the newspaper get ready for a hunt.And im pretty sure thats the puffle look it up on google for crying out loud or read some comments (like your doing right now).and I know i might be wrong but just hope.Oh and while your going to hope for the hot pink puffle to come or not……….well you got herbert thats missing.thats what you have to look out for.And i saw kluzy at the under water party.So good luck agents or non agents good luck.

  10. Chilly67889 Says:

    its puffle party now and its not out , IT SHOULD BE OUT ON PUFFLE PARTY!
    i pretty sure its coming out MARCH cuz PPl r say ” hey, theres a new puffle coming out in march”. so i just wanna now what day if its coming out on march.

  11. del monta aqupa Says:

    That’s not exactly the order that the puffles were discovered. Blue, Pink, Black, and Green were from the beginning. Then it goes Purple, Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Brown, and then (perhaps) Hot Pink.

  12. susan Says:

    This Is So Exciting Im So Happy! Can`t Wait For The Hot Pink Puffle To Come Out =) !

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