Minerva’s Lair


There is a new iCP called Minerva’s Lair!!! It is pretty cool if you ask me. There is different music in every room like hip-hop or rock!!! It is the ebta party right now so be sure to go on it!!! Here is the link to it. Just click register or play and it will drop down to that selection.


Remember, if you need any help with commands, just click the “CLICK HERE FOR THE MOST ICP COMMANDS THERE IS” button on the widget bar. ***NOTE, ONLY make 2 accounts. If you make a lot your ip adress will be blocked from the private server. Thanks for playing!!!

12 Responses to “Minerva’s Lair”

  1. Jahiel Valverde Says:


  2. valeria begoña chavez garcia Says:


  3. maicol2708 Says:


  4. pablo el mejor Says:

    Hotmail :brslomejor_27@hotmail.com
    contraseña pinguino: juncho3

  5. richy vale Says:

    club penguin es super y por eso quiero ser sosio gratis

  6. richy vale Says:

    ola a todos

  7. Shusi Says:

    Hola, no entiendo como ser socio gratis, me pueden ayudar

  8. alexa5930 Says:


  9. AZULSELENA1 Says:


  10. azulselena1 Says:


  11. abel1022 Says:


  12. daniel 38201 Says:


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