Club Penguin Christmas Party 2011 Cheats


As you know, Club Penguin has released the new Christmas party for 2011. I am going to provide you with cheats for it.

Club Penguin new pin:

The new pin is the “Reindeer” pin. It is located at the Pizza Parlor.

New Club Penguin stamp:

There is also a new stamp. You have to donate 10,000 coins in order to get this stamp.

 There is also another one for donating 5,000 coins.

Club Penguin free items:

Everyday until Christmas there will be a free item for you to grab at the forest. Go to the forest and click on the day on the calendar.

Club Penguin Santa background:

In order to get this, you will have to go to the Book Room. When you go there, click on the camera thats in front of the chair.

Club Penguin big Santa hat.

In order to get this item, you will have to ask someone or a friend to send you a gift. By doing this, click the playercard, click the mail icon, and then look for the purple present. Send the purple present to your friend so that they or you can get the big Santa hat.

Rock Hoppers Rare Items.

To get these items, go to the beach and go onto Rock Hoppers ship. Go inside it. click the catalog (the paper) on the bottom corner. You can get the free globe hat. (LAST YEARS FREE ITEM FROM ROCKHOPPER). There are also some cheats in it also. Here they are.


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